Gillett instruments are the result of years of research and development into every aspect of luthiery from the component materials and hard woods to the sound characteristics of tonal woods in guitar construction. Through innovation the end result is a beautifully hand crafted instrument whose patented ergonomics enhance player comfort as well as providing a more expansive acoustic range.

Gillett guitar body in caseBass Guitars

Scale length has been reduced by shortening the neck from the standard 34 inch to 31.5 inches giving a more comfortable and versatile instrument.

Patented through body stringing coupled with a re-engineered bridge compensates this innovation and the end result is an authentic bass guitar which provides greater sustain and adds more lustre to the tone than previously available conventional more unwieldy designs.

Actual string length is 36 inches and these are provided by world acclaimed Rotosound.

The resulting robust framework required to withstand string tension enables the use of a wide variety of softwood body surfaces rigorously tested to provide optimum sound enhancement.

To maximise this innovative design bespoke circuitry controls a combination of Schatten transducer and Bareknuckle J bass neck pick-up to get the very best of the acoustic output.

Un-amplified the instruments are muted to provide an ideal practise level.

Player comfort is paramount and the patented contour design is a revolutionary advance.

A recess in the rear of the guitar body provides a comfortable and distinctive improvement to conventional design.

The second contoured recess on the face gives an instinctive connection between player and instrument adding ergonomic ease to the natural playing position.

The end result is a joy to experience... a perfect harmony of tradition and innovation.