Manufacturing Agreement

We recognise that the majority of our clients are dedicated musicians who are upgrading and that for some this requires a process which helps out with the cash flow. So we have invented an easy pay formula.  Gillett Guitars require a deposit of 20% of the purchase price at the time the order is placed. This “locks in” your place in the building-list schedule. The deposit is non-refundable.


When construction of the instrument begins, an additional payment of 20% is required. At this point, purchasers may opt to delay commencement of construction by up to a maximum of three months.


Photographs of the making process can be periodically made available to the customer and visits to our factory are encouraged.


When the basic structure of the instrument is complete (normally at 60 days from construction commencement), a further 20% stage payment is required.


On completion (normally 90 days from the date on this agreement), the final payment of the balance of the purchase price is payable. Cleared funds must be in our bank account prior to despatch of the instrument.


The final 2 pages of this document comprise the actual agreement and hold the details and signature of the customer and also the representative of Gillett Guitars. The date of signatures reflects the commencement of the making process.



New instruments are guaranteed for 2 years, against manufacturing defects or faulty materials. The guarantee may pass to one subsequent owner only. It is essential that Gillett Guitars are notified of such a transfer, to ensure our records are updated.


Guitars are relatively fragile and prone to accidental damage. Care must be taken in normal use. See “Care Of Your New Instrument” provided with all sales.


Cracks, splits, shrinkage and opening of joints caused by environmental changes and extremes of temperature or humidity whilst in the care of customers are specifically not included in the guarantee. Customers should use a good quality hygrometer to monitor humidity levels of the environment in which guitars are kept particularly during but not limited to cold weather. It is recommended that relative humidity is kept between 45% to 65%.


Some woods used for construction such as Rosewoods commonly have surface cracks or “checks”. Although barely visible initially, it is normal and sometimes unavoidable that these become more noticeable or may open up over time.


This is the nature of this material and making good of such movement is not covered by guarantee.


The Lacey Act

In 2010 amendments to the Lacey Act apply to musical instruments. Accordingly we certify that all materials comprised in our instruments are in full compliance with the act.


Our suppliers are therefore compliant. For musicians who travel it is believed that our instruments will not cause any infringements of relevant customs regulations.


Delivery Carriage and Export Expenses

It is not our intention to make significant monetary gain on packing, insurance and delivery. We will pass on to our customers the costs we incur plus 10% of those costs as a contribution to packaging and sundry items.


We will make delivery as economic as possible and will quote a firm price at the time of purchase. All UK mainland deliveries are by courier for a flat-rate charge of £50. Transportation and associated charges must be paid with the sale price of the goods before despatch.


In the case of guitars consigned to destinations outside the UK, all import duties and taxes due on entry are the responsibility of the customer and will normally be billed direct to the customer by the agencies involved. We are therefore unable to quote for or bill these charges to the customer.


A Decision Not To Proceed

Our intention is to supply guitars that give lasting satisfaction and we want to delight you with our service. Before making your purchase decision and placing your order, you are encouraged to thoroughly try our instruments either at our factory, or at one of our distributors in the UK, USA, Germany or Japan. You can also visit our stand at one of the many UK shows where we exhibit - these are regularly announced on our Facebook and other sites.


If, however, you were to change your mind about proceeding to completion of your purchase, we would be as helpful as we could, without obligation, to assist you with the re-sale of your instrument.


Click here for a full (PDF) version of our Manufacturing Agreement and Payment Schedule